Is Reupholstering Worth It?

Day-to-day living can take its toll on your furniture. If your favorite sofa or chair is looking a bit worse for wear because the cushions are crushed or the upholstery is dirty, ripped or outdated, you may be thinking of spending money on new furniture.

Fear not! There is another option available. Before you haul your comfy furniture out to the curb, you may be surprised to know that it really is possible to save the furniture you love. It is possible to give new life to your furniture, whether by cleaning it, repairing it, or by reupholstering. These options can help you salvage what you already love, update the look of your home, and give new life to pieces that you love.

The Cost of Reupholstering

For some pieces of furniture, may only end up spending a fraction of the cost of what you would on a new piece of furniture. If the upholstery on a cushion gets ripped, it may cost around $100 to fix it and can be done fairly quickly.

However, it’s not always cheaper to fix. If your favorite wing chair needs a complete makeover, it may cost between $500 and $700. Refurbishing an entire sofa can drive the price up to $1,000 or more, depending on the cost of the fabric involved. Good upholstery fabric can cost $30 a yard and up. You may also need to factor in additional repairs. Does the piece of furniture need to be re-stuffed? Do repairs to springs or other internal parts of the furniture like backboards need to be made? Is there tufting or do fabric patterns need to be matched, or would a solid color or pattern not requiring matching suffice? All of these questions need to be considered when estimating the cost of reupholstering.

Decisions, Decisions

Getting new piece furniture can be nice. However, it may end up being less comfortable or not as sturdy as something you already have. Reupholstering a beloved piece can preserve not only its sentimental value, but you may find it ends up lasting longer, too.

Before making a final decision speak to a furniture restoration professional to explore all possible options. Armed with this information, you can better determine which choice is the best option for you.

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